VK1/AC-040 Mt Ainslie - when dx is shorter than cross country

Here I was, tucked up in bed on Sunday morning tablet in hand reading the papers when I get a flurry of spots pushed to my phone saying there were a number of VK activators out and about. So I shot off to my local easily accessible summit - Mt Ainslie right in the heart of the capital. Set up and fired up. Having been given a leave pass from the other half to play radio twice on the weekend my goal was to just chase as I had already activated on my very first SOTA session a week after betting my license - 9 short weeks ago.

While I had planned to just chase I was also looking for some more unusual or different stations that I normally just churn and burn through when activating. I spent a great deal up on 15m, one of the limited bands for VK foundations license holders. Well wasn’t I in for a treat. Another first for the log. A VK6. For those geographically challenged. Perth, the capital of Western Australia is the most remote capital city in the world. From my summit to the VK6 station I worked was over 3000km (5w). Not considered dx however shortly after I worked John and Jacky at their home location on the north island of NZ (ZL) at a similar the distance!!

I will add some pics to this post tonight. But the video is up with some maps etc



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