VK1/AC-035 - Bigger Snake as requested!

It was a weekend, so you guessed it. I was out playing radio.

A few things waylaid me today by over an hour from my spot time, sadly this means 2 thing - Temp is up and the atmospheric layers have risen.

Never mind, more than activate. Managed more VK2s than ever before with even a station in Bondi coming back (VK2NNN from memory)

Time (Z) Freq Mode CS S2S?
0131 7.095MHz SSB VK3LED
0131 7.095MHz SSB VK3FQSO
0132 7.095MHz SSB VK2IO
0134 7.095MHz SSB VK2NNN
0136 7.095MHz SSB VK2YW
0138 7.095MHz SSB VK7FAMP VK7/SW-008
0142 7.095MHz SSB VK5IS
0145 7.095MHz SSB VK3WAR
0149 7.095MHz SSB VK1CT
0208 7.095MHz SSB VK3SQ
0218 7.095MHz SSB VK1DI
0228 7.095MHz SSB VK2UH
0318 145.9MHz FM VK1MA

There was not a breath of wind - was truly an amazing spot on the north border of ACT. I have included some pictures of the day. There wasnt much shade… so I made my own!

And YES there was another SNAKE! … a big fat brown. Another top 10 deadliest.




Thanks Wade for the great video and nice to hear you make contact with so many chasers I have worked from Summits. I had a listen for you but no copy at my place but I did hear Andrew talking to you. I am a student of the old morse code and it is a handy tool to have in your activators tool box for sure. A reasonable effort required to learn it but worth it for sure, and it stays with you for life. cheers
Ian vk5cz …

Great video and report - thanks for sharing your experience.
73 Martin DF3MC (ex VK3DAR)

Thanks Martin.

I am hoping by sharing my videos, I can “activate” some more chasers and activators. I ran a poll on an F call Facebook group I am a member of 1/3 had not heard of SOTA beyond knowing it involves hills.

To me it is about honing kit, skills and navigation. Also I hope to show the variety of landscapes as well as those that chase where I am.

The videos are getting longer, however soon enough they will be going back to all Scuba Diving as I head to Indonesia.

Anyway thanks for replying.



Thanks Wade,
Great work

Thanks Ian. You are in this video. You heard your bit??


Yep Sure did. Interesting for me to hear how you hear me and the others. Haven’t heard Darren VK2NNN for ages so good to know he is still active… Thanks!

Thanks. Had some issues with his callsign look up on my logging software. Had to manually look him up on acma.

Last weekend was the lowest I had heard you. However still very readable. In the end, as a mode of information transfer a 5/1 is good enough.


Do you want a bigger snake?

Ugh! How far can the serpentine version of Summon Bigger Fish go???

:snake: Wait till we start adding S. American countries with significant wild territory. Then we’ll have Anacondas to deal with… :snake:

Apparently this is how you need to respond to a lion when attacked: American jogger kills mountain lion with his bare hands after attack on a trail - ABC News

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35kgs of hungry young mountain lion on your back - old mate did a good job to turn around let alone choke it out!