VK1/AC-031 Mt Rob Roy - 3/3 Summit Challenge - Are my legs still there?

At the start of the track, you look up and the trail/track just keeps going up, up, up. Every nerve and muscle fibre in your calves screaming that I pack it in and head home… but I overcame!

Once you leave the tarred section it is actually quite nice - long and sunny but nice. The track is not shaded until you enter the Rob Roy Park.
For the second time this weekend I managed DX! Ok, it might not be a miracle but it was exciting.

Rob Roy was a fitting close to my 3 summits this weekend. A real accomplishment. It also helped me collect enough chaser points to move past 150.

A bit of an explanation why I have thrown myself so hard into SOTA is here.



The GoPro I use to record the QSOs packed up and rejected it’s SD card so only 1 or 2 QSOs recorded this time.
NB: VK4FW - if you read this - sorry for just disappearing on you. Squid pole decided it was time to go home and self-packed itself mid-QSO. We exchanged signal report so it still counts.


Thanks to all,



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Oh Its nice to see you enjoying those calf and ankle burners Wade aren’t they fun.
Stick at it.
Ian vk5cz …