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VK ZL JA - EU UK S2S 6 April 2019

I’ve had good results using two inverted V linked dipoles. That’s right two poles and two inverted V antennas with a coax switch at the rig. I will have the same set up at Mt Ginini.

To save weight you could easily mount two inverted Vs on a single pole. One inverted V broadside E-W and the 2nd broadside N-S.

73 Andrew VK1AD

Hi Paul,
Is that what is also known as an Inverted-L antenna ?

73 Ed.

Hi Ed,

I actually put the horizontal leg at the bottom, so I guess it’s an upside-down inverted L I use :wink:

It’s just a standard coax-fed dipole really, with a choke consisting of half a dozen turns of RG58 on a 100mm diameter plastic container at the feedpoint. One leg goes up the pole and the other goes out horizontally - I support the end of the “outer” on a convenient fence or a guyed walking pole. With my 7m pole it ends up about 1.2m above ground.

Limited trials suggest that extending the “outer” in the direction you want to be aiming at does perceptibly improve signals from that direction but given the vagaries of propagation that’s a very subjective assessment!

73 de Paul G4MD

Thanks for organising this Andrew, Ed and Mike. All being well I’ll activate a Summit or two for the event. Fingers crossed for reasonable HF conditions :slight_smile:


Bernard, VK2IB


OK, understood. I had to do that on my 20m J-pole antenna as the mast wasn’t tall enough - I “thought” there was a slight directivity in the direction away from the direction that I ran the bottom of the L out - I suppose it could of course be in both directions. I later also tried with running the top of the antenna through a plastic loop and then sloping off with a cord to to a fence post - that “inverted-L” didn’t “seem” to work as well as the “L” - of course all of this was affected by how the band was at the time, not really a scientific comparison!

I hope to have the VP2E working for this S2S event.

73 Ed.


Some AZ to VK SOTA data…

It a long way out, but April-May are the best months to get into VK from here. I have worked 20 VK SOTA stations in May, and 15 in April. All other months I have made a total of 4 VK contacts from here in AZ.

Two s2s contacts with VK2IO in April on 17 and 15 meters…CW.

I will see if these dates work for me down the road a bit…



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Isn’t that known as a Lazy L?

Hi Andy

I’ve heard of a “Lazy H”… Lazy L is a new one on me!

You antenna sounds similar to my Buddistick clone. Just the element lengths are different as the “hot” element in mine is loaded on 20m. Yes, I’ve heard of Lazy H but I’m sure there’s a Lazy L as well. I’d go an do some Googling but I’ve got an MT meeting to attend where we’re going to plan which of you know who’s threads we’re going to shut down next. :smiling_imp:

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I think it’s known as “burlesque”.


I didn’t know what a “Buddistick” was but that nice Mr Google provided the answer and yes it would appear to be a multiband version of my upper and outer with a loaded vertical section. The latest iteration of my antenna uses 4mm banana plugs to connect the elements to the centre, so I could easily fit ones cut for other bands. Or even make a linked version!

He wasn’t so helpful with the Lazy L, not even, after Andrew’s hint, under the category of pole dancing manoeuvres :rofl:

Sorry to hear about the fall Mike.

Could I recommend a groundplane antenna as a possible way forward for you? Very easy to make, very lightweight to carry, but still has the main benefits of the Antron.

Here is an example of one of my logs from a past VK (etc) S2S event (121 QSOs, but I have stripped out the 96 non-S2S/non-DX contacts) with a homemade GP antenna. This was done with 5 watts from an FT-817. With the greater power you have available, you should be able to get similar results to your Antron I reckon:

Time Call Band Mode Notes
07:10z VK2UH 14MHz CW
07:20z OE5PEN/P 14MHz CW OE/OO-124
07:22z SV2OYE/P 14MHz CW SV/TL-092
07:24z YO6PIB/P 14MHz CW YO/MC-086
07:26z SV2NCH/P 14MHz CW SV/TL-092
07:26z SV2CNE/P 14MHz CW SV/TL-092
07:29z VK2YW/P 14MHz CW VK2/SW-015
07:31z VK1NAM/2 14MHz CW VK2/SM-053
07:33z VK3XL 14MHz CW
07:50z VK3BYD/P 14MHz CW VK3/VE-019
08:05z VK1MA 14MHz SSB
08:12z 2E0YYY/P 14MHz SSB G/WB-004
08:13z M0YDH/P 14MHz SSB G/WB-004
08:17z VK2IO/P 14MHz CW VK2/IL-002
08:20z OE9HRV/P 14MHz SSB OE/VB-462
08:23z 2W0KGQ/P 14MHz SSB GW/NW-062
08:42z M0IML/P 14MHz SSB G/SE-015
08:45z OK4KOP/P 14MHz SSB OK/JM-007
09:01z EA2BDS/P 14MHz CW EA2/BI-055
09:10z M0HCU/P 14MHz SSB G/WB-012
09:25z EA2BDS/P 14MHz SSB EA2/BI-055
09:28z OK/DH1JH/P 14MHz SSB OK/US-002
09:32z DG3NEU/P 14MHz SSB DM/BM-220
10:00z RX9WN 14MHz CW
10:00z CU3BL 14MHz CW

And this log is an extract from the first EU<>NA S2S event. Again, 5 watts from the 817 and a homemade GP antenna. Again, I have stripped out all the non-S2S/DX QSOs:

Time Call Band Mode Notes
14:08z HB9AFI/P 14MHz CW HB/VD-048
14:11z N4DA 14MHz CW
14:13z 4X1ZZ 14MHz CW
14:14z N1GB 14MHz CW
14:18z N1EU 14MHz CW W2/EH-001
14:19z LZ1GJ/P 14MHz CW LZ/RO-092
14:23z YU1CA/P 14MHz CW YU/JS-073
14:26z AC1Z 14MHz CW
14:32z YO8AZQ/P 14MHz CW YO/EC-576
14:33z OH9XX/P 14MHz CW OH/JS-067
14:35z F5LKW/P 14MHz CW F/CR-254
14:43z EA2IF/P 14MHz CW EA2/NV-151
14:47z HB9BCB/P 14MHz CW HB/FR-036
14:48z VE1WT 14MHz CW
14:52z S52FT/P 14MHz CW S5/PK-041
14:59z GW4OIG/P 18MHz CW GW/NW-077
15:03z GW2HFR/P 18MHz SSB GW/NW-044
15:05z IZ2YWI 14MHz SSB I/LO-320
15:10z YO6PIB/P 14MHz SSB YO/EC-403
15:11z GW4AZS/P 14MHz SSB GW/NW-013
15:16z M0HCU/P 14MHz SSB G/WB-004
15:19z GW0WPO/P 14MHz SSB GW/NW-039
15:25z MW0WBG/P 14MHz SSB GW/NW-071
15:27z WB8OGK/P 14MHz SSB W1/CR-013
15:31z S58R/P 14MHz CW S5/PK-043
15:35z F6HBI/P 14MHz CW F/AM-617
15:40z VE2JCW 14MHz CW
15:52z MW0XOT/P 14MHz SSB GW/NW-061
15:58z VE2WFF 14MHz SSB
15:59z OE9HRV/P 14MHz SSB OE/VB-511
16:03z GW4TJC/P 14MHz SSB GW/NW-071
16:05z EA8/M0FMF/P 14MHz SSB EA8/FU-042
16:14z HB9FVF/P 14MHz SSB HB/ZH-018
16:15z HB9BIN/P 14MHz SSB HB/ZH-018
16:16z HB9DQM/P 14MHz SSB HB/ZH-018
16:35z CT7AGT/P 14MHz CW CT/DL-014
16:39z EB2GKK/P 14MHz SSB EA2/VI-029
16:43z N2GBR 14MHz SSB W3/SV-018
16:44z W3CDW 14MHz SSB W3/SV-018
16:46z KA1R 14MHz SSB
16:48z AC2KL 14MHz SSB W2/WE-031
16:50z KB1RJD 14MHz SSB W1/AM-217
16:54z NS1TA 14MHz CW W1/AM-038
17:05z VE2DDZ 14MHz CW VE2/LR-017
17:11z W4DOW 14MHz CW
17:12z WI2W 14MHz CW W2/NJ-001
17:14z N2NL 14MHz CW

Four quarter-wave pieces of wire, a length of coax, and a fishing rod. It will spare you a lot of weight without losing a lot of DX.

I think we’ve just found our 2019 Challenge! :man_dancing:

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Dear Andrew,
Thanks for organizing this party.
I have passed the information on to OMs in Taiwan (BV stations).
SOTA is still a pretty new activity in Taiwan but I am looking forward to participating the party for sure.

Best regards,
73 de BX2AI

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Hi Huawei

Speaking from personal experience. Here in Europe, Taiwan is a fiendishly difficult DXCC to work from a SOTA summit. Back in September 2011, I worked it from G/SP-004 Shining Tor. To this day, I’ve never heard it again from a summit.

Any Taiwan station activating a summit during the party, would be a big target for Chasers.


I will be in Japan then, so I will “join” the team JA. JJ1PDQ is my Japanese call sign.

Hi Willis,

Welcome to JA!
Will see you on air.


Saw this thread and I will be QRV from SM/DA on 20 meter CW.
Hope to make my first VK/ZL and JA SOTA QSO.

/Jaan, sm0oek

If there is a possiblity for me, i will join. (in cw …as usual)
I never had a JA, VK or ZL SOTA contact. So i’ll take my chance.
Don’t know which DM/BW summit. I’ll let you know by alert.

I’m looking forward to it.

73 Armin

Unless something comes up, I’m in as M0HZH/P from the closest summit, G/CE-005.
5W and GP vertical, FT8 and SSB.