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VK - NA (E coast) s2s on 30M cw

Wow, crazy good conditions and VK2WP and K4QS were at the right place at the right time (on VK2 and W4V summits respectively on 30M cw at 2100Z Sat). Congrats and well done! Several other NA chasers also worked VK2WP. Here in NY, VK2WP was s5 on 30M (80M wire vert) and s2 on 20M (delta loop, but off axis).

73, Barry N1EU


I was surprised to hear VK2WP as loud as I did. There didn’t seem to be any difficulty on either end of the QSO.

I know 30m is good to VK at that time of day. I often work Moz, VK3CWB from home, but that’s with power and real antennas.

I haven’t kept track of stats. It’s probably been done from the west coast. Has anyone made it from the east coast before?

3 ten point summits with winter bonus. 8 S2S QSOs. On the way home, I took 12 or so miles of serious Jeep trails which justified all the money I’ve spent on Jeep mods. Not a bad day.

The only thing that could have topped the day would have been to have 9M0W, the DXpedition to Spratley call me.

Thanks to everyone who chased today.

73, Chuck K4QS


30M certainly was the band of choice for CW S2S. Whilst I fully have not tabulated my scribbled log have the following S2S contacts

LM10SOTA, Henning was stoked with his 10W inv Vee, a credible contact for sure

Other 30M CW contacts

N1EU (also on 20M)

Was quite happy with these 30M contacts, my 9M squid pole vertical and ground radials with 45W worked well.
My 18AH SLA finally died at 11.6v at around 8.30pm local so called it quits. Was pitch dark and getting cold with a wind building up. Had some LiFe’s as a backup for Sunday morning and made one other S2S with K4QS again 30M.

Still have to check my log for any missed errors but think that is correct.

Thanks to all and hope to hear you again.


P.S Use a straight key which seems to do the trick


K4QS 30 mtrs is long path at that time of day, Chuck, so the East & Gulf coasts have a substantial leg up over left coast.
John VK4TJ

Tnx for nice S2S !Good setup! I worked with 10W / EFHW.
hope to hear you again

73 de 9a6cw

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Thanks Ivica for the S2S, it was a real challenge and your setup certainly works well.

Am looking forward for the next S2S party for sure.

73’s Wal VK2WP

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I listened on sunday morning for you on 30m. After a while I heard faint signals but it turned out to be the station who worked you. Nothing at all from you at that time of day here in Yass.



Thanks Andrew for trying, sometimes things don’t work out with propagation. Was good to get a S2S with you though when you were at ST-036.

30m was a very useful band at times and pleased with the performance of my 9M vertical. Lucky with the weather as well although about 9.00pm it was getting windy and chilly.

Another S2S Sunday morning on 30M with K4QS on a summit was fortunate event which does not often happen.
Plus a couple of other U.S chasers called in at around the same time again on 30M.


Wal, VK2WP