VK JA ZL - EU S2S 10 March 2018 (Part 2)

I think we all need more than 100 replies in a thread and this one for sure needs to keep going…

Indeed, the usual 100 post limit pantomime…


Ed san

Yap, I will also QRV on SSB at this time with spotting on SOTA watch. But my rig is 5W PEP. See you mate.

DD5LP Ed wrote

Hi Toru, can we expect an alert for you in Sotawatch please. Also will you be running SSB? as at present the two alerted JA activators are CW only.

Thanks Ed.

Thanks Toru.

From my tests yesterday there was a good (Wspr) path from Europe to Japan on 17m between 0700-0730 UTC.

“Good on yer Mate fur SSB!”

73 Ed.
PS it looks like you are going to be ouit a long time as you’ve alerted for 0100 UTC, please take care out there so long, I hope it’s not too cold.

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And thanks to you Guru (and everyone that follows you), it is indeed keeping going right here!

Oh no it isn’t!


Replying to Pedro’s post here: VK JA ZL - EU S2S 10 March 2018 - #98 by VK2AOH

All understood as regards weather cancelling your activation.

From me a BIG PLEA to all activators tomorrow - NO HEROICS! SAFETY FIRST. If the weather turns bad or you are challenged by a situation that you are not sure you can conquer - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE cancel the activation and return (or stay) safely home.

The band conditions do not look good for tomorrow, the last thing any of us want if for someone to have an accident! The mountains will be there another day, make sensible decisions so that you are as well!!

Thanks Ed DD5LP.


Current updated spreadsheet - who have I missed? (updated with additional Australian, Spanish, Japanese, Northern Ireland, Polish and Slovak Republic stations and those who have had to cancel removed 20:00 UTC).

Call sign Cont. Summit UTC HF Mode Band(s)
ZS5APT + ZS5AYC AFR ZS/MP-004 06:30 SSB 40,30,20,17,15
ZS6BV AFR ZS/LP-208 06:30 SSB+CW 40,20,15
VK1MIC/P ANZ VK1/AC-040 05:45 SSB 40,20,2
VK1FWBK/P ANZ VK1/AC-042 05:45 FM 2
VK2WP(VK2AOH) ANZ VK2/CT-006 06:15 CW+SSB 40,30,20
VK6NU/P ANZ VK6/SW-039 06:15 SSB+CW 20
VK1AD/2 ANZ VK2/ST-053 06:30 SSB 80, 20,17,2
VK1CT/P ANZ VK1/AC-034 06:30 SSB+CW 30,20,2
VK1DA ANZ VK2/ST-036 06:30 SSB+CW 30,20
VK2GPL/P + VK2ARI/P ANZ VK2/IL-005 06:30 SSB 40,30,20
VK2HRX/P ANZ VK2/IL-002 06:30 SSB+FT8 40,20
VK2IB/3 ANZ VK3/VE-021 06:30 SSB+CW 40,30,20
VK2IO/P ANZ VK2/IL-017 06:30 SSB+CW 80,40,20,17
VK3ARH ANZ VK3/VC-032 06:30 SSB+CW 40,20
VK7JON ANZ VK7/NW-062 06:30 SSB 20
ZL2AJ ANZ ZL1/WK-195 06:30 SSB 40,20,15
ZL2ATH ANZ ZL1/WL-153 06:30 SSB 40,20,15,2
ZL2KGF + ZL2EA + ZL4AV ANZ ZL1/TN002 06:30 SSB 40,20,15,2
ZL3CC ANZ ZL3/CB-806 06:30 SSB+CW 40,30,20
JH0CHJ/1 ASIA JA/KN-022 01:00 CW+SSB 20,17,15,12,10,6
JF1NDT/1 ASIA JA/YN-065 04:00 CW 40,20,17
JI1IHV/1 + JI1UPL/1 ASIA JA/ST-017 05:00 CW+SSB 40,17,15,2,70cm
JM3URG/3 ASIA JA/NR-026 06:00 SSB 20,70cm
JA4RQO/4 ASIA JA/SN-077 06:15 CW 20,17,15
JS6TMW/6 ASIA JA/ON-048 06:15 CW 20,17,15,2,70cm
JP3DGT/3 ASIA JA/OS-012 06:30 CW 20,17
RA9WJV/8 + RK8A + UB9WLJ/8 ASIA R9U/SO-103 06:30 SSB+CW 20,17
9A6CW EUR 9A/DH-082 06:15 CW 40,30,20
SP9PND/P EUR SP/BZ-051 06:29 CW+SSB 40,30,20,17,15
DL4FO/P EUR DM/HE-003 06:30 CW 40,30,20,70cm
DL4TO/P EUR DM/HE-017 06:30 SSB+CW 40,30,20,17,70cm
EA2IF/P EUR EA2/NV-070 06:30 SSB+CW 30,20
HB9DQM/P EUR HB/AR-004 06:30 SSB+CW 30,20
HB9EKO/P EUR HB/SG-046 06:30 SSB+CW 30,20
LB4FH/P EUR LA/RL-092 06:30 SSB 20
LM10SOTA/P (LA3NGA) EUR LA/TM-011 06:30 CW+SSB 40,30,20,15
LZ1GJ/P EUR LZ/RO-144 06:30 SSB+CW 20
OE5AUL/P + OE5YYN/P EUR OE/OO-330 06:30 SSB+CW 20,17
OE5FDM/P EUR OE/OO-119 06:30 CW 40,20
OE5JFE/P EUR OE/OO-075 06:30 SSB 40,20,2
OE6FEG/P EUR OE/ST-248 06:30 CW 40,30,20
OM1AEG/P EUR OM/BA-004 06:30 SSB 80,40,20,2
SV2HJW/P EUR SV/MC-077 06:30 SSB 40,20,2
YO6PIB/P EUR YO/EC-426 06:30 SSB 20
EA2BD/P EUR EA2/NV-092 06:35 CW+SSB 30,20,17
DD5LP/P EUR DL/AM-176 07:00 SSB 40,20,17,15
VE7KPM NA VE7/CV-024 06:30 SSB 40,20
2E0AXL UK G/CE-004 06:15 SSB 20
2E0HZI/P UK G/CE-001 06:30 SSB 40,20
2E0YYY/P + G7LAS/P UK G/CE-002 06:30 SSB 20,2
2M0KAU/P UK GM/ES-085 06:30 SSB 40,20
G0WPO/P UK G/SP-005 06:30 SSB+CW 20
G8CXK(G4OIG) UK G/SE-001 06:30 SSB+CW 30,20,17
GI0AZA/P + GI0AZB/P UK GI/SM-009 06:30 SSB 20
M0IML/P UK G/SE-015 06:30 SSB 40,20
M0NOM/P UK G/LD-050 06:30 SSB 80,40,20
M1EYP/P UK G/SP-015 06:30 SSB+CW 20,2

Sort sequence Region / Time / Call Sign.

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The Commonwealth Contest takes place from 10am, a little later. This is a great opportunity to work VKs etc, as only other Commonwealth QSOs are valid. It also means there may be more VKs than usual testing out in our direction in the hours beforehand, although of course outside of the contest times, they may have big pile-ups.

Entirely coincidentally, I had a QSL card through yesterday (in an envelope from the Buro) from arguably my best ever SOTA DX contact - FK - New Caledonia, worked from G/SP-015 one morning. FK has a SOTA association too these days, but sadly no alerts for tomorrow morning (yet).

He’s behind you!

Yes I meantioned this on the earlier thread what I’ve just realised is that this is a CW only contest, so hanging around for it if you don’t opearte CW is not going to get you anything.

Another good incentive to learn CW though.

14 MHz was very good to JA between 0800 and 0930 UTC this morning.

Walt (G3NYY)

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I am on the summit now. Good conditions on 20m,got one qso with a dx chaser in USA and could barely hear a US SOTA station on 20m (no qso sadly)

Ready for tomorrow


Raining here now… :frowning:
It doesn’t look too good for tomorrow morning.

The good thing was the QSO with Kjetil LB4FH/P at 14h53 utc on 20m SSB.
Thank you.
Nice to see the picture of your current location and set-up by the Ocean.


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I hope your wx turns better. Thanks for qso! 73

My trousers and my cap are freshly waxed, so let’s go!


The same here Guru, but I have had a bad week work-wise, so the S2S event will hopefully be the best antidote.
Bring it on!

73, Gerald G4OIG / G8CXK

According to the forecast for tomorrow, there’s a thunderstorm predicted righ at the time we should be starting the activations. 7h local is 6h utc.

I’m fearing for the worst…
Well, If I cancel the activation, I’ll be trying to chase you all from home.



yes, WX not promising, but I’ll try to join the event activating from EA2/NV-092.

GL everybody and look forward good DX and fun.
73 de Ignacio