Visiting old friends

A pleasant meeting in the pub with Tom and Jimmy on Wednesday led to a super day out yesterday. Jimmy pointed out that while I had activated all G summits, I had not qualified them all. In his inimitable way, he had the facts to hand. Apparently View Edge and High Raise needed additional attention. Jimmy asked what I was intending to do about it and on the spur of the moment I responded that I would do View Edge again the very next day. This was no hardship as:

  1. I had a free day and
  2. the WBs are my favourite summits.

As I am on holiday I had a leisurely start - after 9am. Even the journey was enjoyable, chatting to Tom on GB3VT on the way down. The occasional rain did nothing to dampen my enthusiasm. Parking at View Edge is a bit limited but I found a spot and walked back to the activation spot recommended by Tom and Jimmy - the other side of the road from the trig and on a PRoW. Although I could hear GB3VT, calls on 2m went unanswered. 7MHz was in good condition though and the required number were soon in the log. Lunch was a Ginsters Pepper Steak Slice, recommended to me by fellow Norfolk man, Alan Partridge.

As I sat in the car I wondered what to do next. Burrow was another hill that I enjoyed the first time round so I set off for Hopesay. The walk up, in sunshine, was lovely. Just as I remembered it for the first time. Calls on 2m gave just one contact so it was back to 7MHz again. Conditions were good now and plenty of callers made it an enjoyable activation.

Back at the car, I started to think about what to do next. The first requirement was petrol - I was perilously low and did not want to be caught out in the WBs as another group was some years ago. Craven Arms obliged. From there I initially thought of the Long Mynd. However, glancing at the map I noticed Stiperstones was just as accessible and I had not been there for ages. Driving along I recalled a memorable winter trip with Tom Jimmy (pre-dating M3EYP) Liam and Ian G7… (callsign eludes me).

It was breezy and spotting with rain on Stiperstones. I clambered up the rocks and regretted it. 2m was a struggle but I eventually made the required four contacts.

No sausages to look forward to this time but the drive home was pleasant despite a one hour delay. Chatting on 2m made the time pass quickly. It was 9pm by the time I returned. A TESCO ready meal paella and a bottle of Tiger rounded off a good day nicely.

Jimmy tells me I have to do High Raise next. I have a vague recollection of a battery problem there previously…



Good report Richard, but I will point out (before Jimmy gets out of bed) that there isn’t a trig point on View Edge. I think you must be referring to the summit.

Ian’s callsign is G7ADF - not worked him for ages.

10/10 for a successful trip down SOTA memory lane, 8/10 for accuracy (see above), but only 5/10 for spelling (@ 10:43, before (if) you review it and edit).

73, Tom M1EYP

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Thanks. I can’t seem to get the SOTAwatch spellchecker working now. Perhaps it’s broken?

I did pick up a few typos.



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Perhaps it’s broken?

It’s broken only in that it doesn’t work! :slight_smile: A hangover of the sudden change of server for SOTAwatch. Jon is aware of it but has been very (exceptionally) busy the last few months.

Andy, MM0FMF
Database manager

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Odd, that! It seems to be working for me.


Brian G8ADD