Visiting England, Wales & Scotland April & May 2015

G’day all.
My wife & I will be visiting the South west corner of England, parts of Wales & Scotland in April & May (not certain which parts yet). I will be bringing along a 2m/70cm handie & hope to activate a summit or two in each area. I’m looking for suggestions on frequencies to call on (and ones to avoid ;-). Maybe also some suggestions on easy summits to activate. We will have a hire car, so I think I should avoid summits that require a 4WD, but a walk of up to 5km is OK.

73, Phil VK3BHR

OOPS, I forgot to mention that I have copies of the RSGB band plans for the 2m & 70cm FM frequencies.

The UK is a tiny country compared to somewhere as vast as Australia. However, it would help if we knew where you’ll be visiting… some town/city names would help.

G/DC-003 easy to reach down here in Cornwall Nr Devon border.


As Andy says, a clue as to where would be needed. South West could mean Penzance, Torquay, Poole or Bristol (or others) - but recommendations would be different for each.

Agreed, but if you are looking for suggestions around which to plan your travels, then heading north through Wales, or along the English / Welsh border (rather than up the motorway) would take you close to quite a number of summits. Probably not the quickest route from the West of England to Scotland, though…


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The other key factor is…

Hello Phil,
I have emailed you via qrz address.

Thanks for the comments so far. (Haven’t read my email this morning, but I’m looking forward to that). We don’t have any accommodation booked yet, so our plans are a little flexible.

We will be travelling from London to Plymouth via Bristol, spending about a week wandering randomly around Cornwal. There’s room for a summit or two there.

After that, Wales, possibly following the coast around, then “up the west coast” to Scotland. We think that the west of Scotland will be about as much as we have time for, sadly.

Maybe a summit or two in North Wales, the Lakes district, somewhere along the west of Scotland would be OK.

We hope to avoid motorways mostly. Quirky back roads, lovely towns pottering around & climbing mountains (of course), are more “our thing”.

ps: I think I will have to try activating G/DC-002, simply because of the name.

73 all,

London to Plymouth

Once out of London find the A303 its the back water road to Devon and Exeter thus avoiding M5 and M4. Lovely road taking you through some random lovely south English country side. Then pick up the A38 which will bring you right into Plymouth and the gateway to Cornwall.

Only other side of the River Tamar, Plymouth over the famous Tamar bridge I be. Brown willy I believe you refer too. Digs down here the Brunel Pub in Saltash do nice rooms. Lovely people and friends of ours tis lovely down here in this part of the world.


That’ll be easy on the West Coast of Scotland :wink:

2m/70cms handy will be limiting in Scotland. Pick the right summits in England & Wales and it’s trivial to get lots of chasers calling. But in Scotland in can be quite difficult unless you can rig a better antenna.

There are many summits which are not massive walks and can be done in ordinary footwear such as trainers. Though if you have Goretex trainers with a more aggressive tread they can make life easier and you can be a little more adventurous.

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