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Visit to San Francisco Area

Hi folks,
I will be staying with some friends in Menlo Park for a week, between March 20 and March 25, 2019.
I will have my SOTA gear with me and hope to do some activations. i would also enjoy meeting some of the local SOTA folks for a chat and a drink.
Please let me know if you are interested.


Wonderful! I’m down in the South Bay – perhaps we can meet up while you’re here.


I’m busy that weekend, but could meet up during the week if you want.

Jeff aa6xa

Thanks for the prompt response. I’ll send a PM to you both.

Visiting Mt Davidson, in San Francisco, is a must. N7UN calls it the pilgrimage. Weekdays are better for me.

Elliott, K6EL


If the weather cooperates, consider doing Black Mountain, W6/NC-150. It’s the closest peak to Stanford’s campus and has a very manageable trail. You can actually mountain bike to the top on fairly manageable roads. I’m probably going to be too busy with work and our recent newborn to join you, unfortunately.

Recent newborn? Is that number two, Clay? :open_mouth:

Elliott, K6EL