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Vienna SOTA day spring 2016, Sunday May 22, 2016

Dear SOTA friends,

On Sunday, May 22 hams from the eastern part of Austria
celebrate their traditional spring Vienna SOTA day. We will activate some
summits in and around Vienna. The Team on every summit will use a
designated frequency on 2m, some will also be active on HF.
To avoid
pileups on the 2m frequencies (which was the Problem on the first
event), I maintain a site to collect Information about where the summits
can be found on 2m and I assign a frequency when the activators have no
other preferences.

The list is available on:

When someone likes to be on the list then please email to:

o e 1 r h c at oevsv . at

Please remove all the space between the letters to get a valid email address.

There’s no need to register, but we print out the list to be sure not
to forget anybody and it is supposed to be a reference for other
activators and the chasers. We would also be glad about spontaneous
activators who decide to just go up a mountain on Sunday.

We will spot ourselves (or hopefully get spotted) on Sotawatch and some of us have already placed their alerts.

The action should take place from late morning until late afternoon, the exact times are up to the activators.

I’d be glad to meet you on air

73 es gd dx

OE1RHC, Reinhard

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