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Videos of SOTA

I have a son who is a musician.
I am now planning future SOTA activations and would also like to make videos. But my age and physical condition does not allow activations in winter times.
I have got some CD’s with possible “background music” for SOTA videos from my son. I found one which I think is nice and funny and fits 100%. But it is called “Mountain Snow” with vocal text and therefor I cannot use it (no snow when I will activate ;-).
There is no copyright on the song.
If anybody who activates in the winter and makes videos, is interested to use the song, please send an e-mail to michael.theiss@lyse.net and I will give you an internet url to download and evaluate it - of course it’s free.

In reply to LA5SAA:

Hi Mike,

For me it is not only just SOTA.

Maybe you can make a video about yourself, family, the shack, equipment, antennas, environment, your country, etc… probably also some pictures and film from the beautiful LA (snow) landscape.

Of course this is private and not everyone wants viewers in the shack. Think also … the whole world can watch.

The music will be useful.


In reply to ON6DSL:
Hi Luc.
Great idea! I can make a video while chasing winter activators from my shack - with the family and our 4 dogs around.
Will think about it!
73 es cuagn

In reply to LA5SAA:
Hello Mike
I send you a email to get more details about your music’s son.
73 QRO