Vidéo SOTA NO-037 on you Tube

Hello All
The vidéo of SOTA NO-037 is on YouTube:

best 73’s
f5nep Lionel

In reply to F5NEP:
Hi Lionel,

Thanks for the video. It gave a good insight into what the summit is like and was well edited. It must take you some time to reach this standard. Enjoyed listening to ‘The Shadows.’

I liked the children’s play area. I wish there were more SOTA’s like that in the UK, where a chap could take his grandson and not worry. I have never been on a SOTA with a building, bench or a tree. The latter must be very handy for antennas. The WX looked ideal and your CW key was beautiful.

I noted your IC706 2G, which is the same rig I use for QRO SOTA. A good radio once you get used to it. It has also proved more rugged than I would have expected. It doesn’t seem to mind getting too hot to touch in a rucksack or being knocked around a bit.

I noticed that you made contact with my village of Irton…via G4SSH.

Thanks for all our QSO’s on CW.

73, John G4YSS.

In reply to G4YSS:
Hello John
Yes the sota is very pleasant, because it was converted into a tourist site! The Icom is the very well, I use paper for bubble packing to preserve it in the backpack. The station “G” very well here in Normandy and the signal from Roy was strong. I hope soon I contact you soon back on this SOTA.
Best regards, 73’s QRO