Video report: 2 day triple activation and summit camp in OE/ST region

Hello everyone,

Before I will work on my videos from the Japan activation there was one activation just the weekend before that I could not finish video editing before vacation.

But I think it is definitly worth watching. Great views and a bit of adventure.
We, that’s Alexandre and myself, were packed like mules with radio gear, camping stuff and a lot of extra water. Alex was bringing 5 Liters extra water to the summit for both of us.

Radio gear:

  • 817nd
  • 5Ah LiFePO4
  • 12 Watt Solar panel
  • 6 m Teleskop pole
  • Upper-outer linked for 20/17/15/12/10m band
  • 2m J-Pole rollup antenna

Weather was great and the dinner and beer at the Gasthaus Ödsteinblick was a nice treat after our hike.

Some pictures:

View from Leobener Törl - Saddle to Gesäuse summits

On tour with Alexandre

First summit: Lahnerleitenspitze OE/ST-109

View south-east

Secound summit and our camp spot: Leobner OE/ST-106


Morning scenery

Blaseneck summit OE/ST-123

More views in the video


Btw. for those that might wonder about wild camping in Austria. In general this is not allow. There are only some areas were exceptions allow it.
One of those regions is Styria only for elevation above the treeline that are not used as pastures.
And of course National parks have their specific rules - that is in general excluding camping at all.

Summary by the Austria Alpine Association:

73 de Joe


As we say here in Austria: “A großer Hatscher!” and a great video!

73, Alfred, OE5AKM

Hello Alfred,

Yes a good hike but nothing compared to your hike to Temlberg recently.
Thanks for your kind answer.

73 Joe