Video - Ötscher OE/NO-003 and Kl. Ötscher OE/NO-02

Hi @ all!

I have a new video from my last skiing-tour
of the Ötscher and Kl. Ötscher. On the first
summit, I had a problem with my antenna.
Through the strong wind, the antenna lost
a screw, 2 shims and a screw-nut. From
this 4 pieces, could I found 3 pieces in
the snow and grass. I found the screw-nut
no longer. S**t happens … :frowning:

73 de Christian OE5HCE

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Hi Christian,
Nice video, I have just watched it whilst at work between network backups.Also good to see “how it is done” in other SOTA areas. The scenery looks stunning too, and I am very envious of the snow you have left. I need snow to test my new crampons, but none here on my usual peaks in the UK:-(
I couldn’t see the point of struggling up on the ski’s and then trying to climb in ski boots, of course this becomes clear after the cold beer on the summit and “the quick way down”!!
Have fun with SOTA and hope to work you one day.

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Hi Christian and Karl,
Beautiful video.
Strange that on the top was not much snow. Descent was slightly easier.
Until next time.


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Hello Christian,

I was monitoring your frequency, but you had NIL signal in my QTH Ljubljana. I hope to have a QSO with you next time.

73, Milos S57D

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Hi Christian,

I have just seen your video, great job! I was also looking for your signal, but no copy here in JN67tw.


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Hi Christian,
thank you for the super video from your last skiing tour! You have had a strong signal on the summit Nordhelle at the Sauerland mountains. I hope to hear you soon again from the great summits of OE-land.
73 de Lutz

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congratulations on this beautiful video, and these two great peaks. An excursion rather difficult, we see that the lack of snow is not always an advantage! against by the snow helps keep the beer cool, hi hi hi
bests regards
73’s qro
f5nep Lionel