Video of Scheiblingstein OE/OO-183

Hi @ all!

Here the link to my newest video
OE/OO-183 Scheiblingstein (2.197m)

No comment for some operators … mmmh :frowning:

73, Chris OE5HCE

In reply to OE5HCE:

Hi Christian,

tnx again for the excellent video!

Very glad to work you on CW and many tnx for your patience
for my straight-key CW :slight_smile:

Keep cool on the summits as well as the chasers should
more often stay cool on the qrg.

Vy73 Fritz DL4FDM, HB9CSA

In reply to OE5HCE:

Thanks for the fine video Chris.

One question - what do you use for the video editing?

Best wishes
Mike G6TUH

In reply to G6TUH:

Hello Mike!

I use the MAGIX Video Deluxe 17 premium, it’s a great tool for private video-cuts. I think it is better than Pinnacle, that wasn’t mine.

73, Chris

In reply to OE5HCE:
Hi Chris,

Thanks for this info’. I have just looked it up for the specifications.
I think it is better than what I have (Nero).

Best wishes