Video of Schafferkogel OE/OO-278

Hi @ all!

Here the link to my video of Schafferkogel OE/OO-278

Enjoy it
73, Christian OE5HCE

In reply to OE5HCE:

Hello Christian, thanks for the video - again very good.

I send your video links to my friend Ian who has no interest in radio but loves to ski and he thinks the video shots of downhill are great.

I see not too much snow on the video so I think this month it has come here!

Best wishes
Mike G6TUH

In reply to G6TUH:

Yes Mike, I hope so … hi … but we have at the moment a real April weather … sometimes snowing, windy, rain, cold, sun … and so on … terrible brrr

I hope, the weather will be constant


In reply to OE5HCE:

Hi Christian;

I used to work you all the time on 20m but you only seem to activate on 40m now.
From this qth, Austria is always just too weak to hear on 40m ssb and it is not so easy with 5w of cw either.

Look forward to working you on 20m again sometime.

73 de Ken G3XQE

In reply to OE5HCE:

Well Christian, I hope:

“…the weather will be constant” ly warm soon! Indeed brrrr… Winter here seems to have lasted too long.
Goodbye for now.
Mike G6TUH

In reply to G3XQE:
Good Morning Ken!

Yes I know it, but many OM’s in OE and around don’t hear me on 20m (on groundwaves only)

Ken, I’ll come back on 20m - promise! :wink:

73, Chris OE5HCE