Video of my first SOTA activation; Grosser Eyberg

On the Dutch “Veron Pinksterkamp” I happened to run into Hans, PA3FYG who started talking about SOTA. He showed some pictures and told me about his SOTA experiences. What a great idea, as I like hiking and (after being offline for 25 years) HAM radio as well.

I did have to persuade my family that it is not extremely odd to take “these antenna’s” on our yearly camping vacation, but succeeded. :slight_smile: So, on August 12th I was able to do my first SOTA activation as DL/PA3Q/P. A nice hike, with my wife and kids up to the Grosser Eyberg in Germany (DM/RP-322). I recorded the activation in a short video SOTA activation of DM/RP-322 in July 2012 - YouTube

I really liked it a lot, sent personal thank you emails to the 20 HAMs that I contacted on the bands and got very nice responses from them. One disadvantage of a CW activation is the briefness of the contact, but email does repair a lot.

So, thanks to Hans for infecting me with the SOTA virus and to all friendly HAMs who, despite my rusty CW took the time to make a contact.

I am looking forward to meeting you again on the SOTA frequencies.

Best 73’s
Wil PA3Q

In reply to PA3Q:

Hello Will,

Nice that I infected an other one. I remember our eye-ball qso with you and your family on the radio camp.
Good promotion movie.
Hope to work you, but I am ssb only I am afraid.

73 de Hans PA3FYG

In reply to PA3FYG:

Hi Hans,

I experimented with taking the FT-897 on my second activation last weekend (PA/PA-005, Terlet, video to follow). A lot to carry with the external SLA battery, but it worked. So SSB will become an option as well.

I saw your LiPo solution, but I am now trying to get a small battery company to produce a special Li-Ion pack (14,8V and up to 11AH) which fits inside the 897. This pack will use the (safer) Lithium Cobalt cells and include a BMS. They are now looking into the options and pricing. I will post results here.

Tot werkens,

73 Wil PA3Q

In reply to PA3Q:

I hope ur xyl still likes me.

PS Terlet is also valid for WFF: PAFF-042. Pse send ur adif log to me.
WFF is nice for small expeditions in the neighbourhood (with the family), nice to test your equipment and pile-up is assured. ( see site of Lars PH0NO and mine. )

I kept the LiPo outside, does not change the weight hi hi. I think the danger is mainly in Remote Control airplanes using large current for charging and flying.
My liPo is 15C and that means max discarge is 75A continu !!, and charge 2C that is 10A. With 25w or ever 100w output in the peaks the current is much smaller, and I do not need to charge in 15 min like the RC guys.

I never had the battery empty even with 50w and 3 summits. Spare one not used.
RX consumption is also important as well. ( FT897 0,6-1A ).

73 de Hans PA3FYG