VIDEO: OE5JFE winter activation on Bleckwand OE/SB-253

Hello everyone,

It has been a while since I made a video but with such amazing weater yesterday it was easy going to film beautiful scenes.
This time I am taking you to Bleckwand OE/SB-253 at 1541 m on a blue-bird day with fresh snow. The route was chosen by Diana - a hiking partner since some month and friends from her hiking group joined too. Also Alex you know him from previous videos was joining with his girlfriend Julia. So an unusually big group compared to my usual hikes but everyone was happy to spend more time on the summit in the sun.
We arrived with three cars to keep social distancing.

We brought the snowshoes and mikro-spikes as it was not clear how conditions will be. Only the last 100 meters the shoeshoes made sense but it was good to bring them. Even it was just for extra training…
About 950 m ascent in snow was still some decent work and it took us about 3h 15 min incl. breaks to reach the summit.


And some impressions:

View to Schafberg OE/SB-216

Short sleeves :sunglasses:

View down to Sparber OE/SB-258

Activation ongoing

Btw. looking at the GPS data I added a warning to the summit info page. The official summit cross is outside the activation zone from my point of view. The true summit is about 10 min hike further south along the ridge just as listed on the summit details.

And the new GPS track is added to SMP.

73 de Joe


Great repoort and video Joe. Well done. :grinning: :beers:

cheers Geoff vk3sq


As always, really enjoyed the video. Your activation fell bang in-between two activations from me.


Hello Joe,
Many thanks for these great pictures and the video report of the activation in your wonderful mountains. It wasn’t enough for a QSO, but we’ll hear each other again.
Best 73 so far


Thanks for your comments here and also directly at YouTube.
Happy to share my hiking adventures and in the best case inspire others to give SOTA a try.

73 Joe


Real, true SOTA. Positive, beautiful nature and radio - this is just what you need!
Joe, thank you for your wonderful work. I am impressed as always.

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