Video: OE5JFE on Hochbuchberg and Gaisberg - S2S event to VK/ZL/JA

Hello everyone,

Here my activation video from 6th of April during the S2S event to VK/ZL/JA.
No success for any SOTA DX for me but a lot of contacts all over Europe with plent of S2S.
And some new callsigns in my log. :+1:

Meet Jürg @HB9BIN in person during our OE5 SOTA day last September and now managed a S2S. And Mark @M0NOM and myself were commenting on Youtube about an S2S and that also happend.
Thanks to Mike @2E0YYY got also one of the event organizers in the log.
Congrats to everyone managing a DX S2S. Looking forward to the next chance.

Some picture and the video:

Following the creek in the valley named Dorngraben

Pasture area below the first summit in the morning sun

Shack on OE/OO-075 Hochbuchberg

View northward

Coltsfoot next to the path

Second summit OE/OO-271 Gaisberg
In the background the first summit

The summit cross was setup to commemorate the volunteer fire brigade members died during their service.



Thanks for all the QSO

73 de Joe


Ah Jo, as soon as we had our qso realised it was you otherwise you’d have known how excited I was that we’d finally managed a S2S.

Thanks as always for the excellent video, I know how much effort they take. I was at an art gallery last week and one of the artists work consisted of a short film. I asked her to estimate how much editing it took for a minute in the final film and she said she thought it was about a day.

Keep up the excellence in SOTA Jo, hopefully we’ll get another S2S during the Lake District SOTA weekend.

Regards Mark. M0NOM

For me it was the same situation. After the QSO I realized: Of course I know the callsign - that was Mark.
Your picture in the other thread from your summit in the Lake District also looks great. Very nice colours.

Regarding the video editing I have established a way (and put together the tools) to make the editing quite efficient. If there is interest I can post a little summary of my workflow?

When is the LD SOTA Weekend. Need to make a note in my calender for some S2S if I am available.

Regards Joe, OE5JFE

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Tips on video editing would be great Jo. I’ve recently bought a Garmin Virb Elite so plan on taking more video on activations.

The LD SOTA weekend is May 18th-19th.

Regards Mark

Jo, here is our QSO from my end.

Regards, Mark. M0NOM

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Mark, thanks a lot for recording our QSO. I was curious how I sound over SSB.
Also very good recording quality. What do you use?

Btw. I use this camera and sound recorder combo:
Only drawback is that it is not waterproof (IP6x certified).

73 de Joe

Hi Jo

Oh I’m afraid it is very, very low tech at the moment - my Android phone with the Sound Recorder app running, with the phone sat on the grass next to the transceiver! The Yaesu transceivers sound particularly good however when listening to SSB, I could not believe the FT-817 when I first heard a station with good audio, such a big sound coming from such a small box!

With my KX3 I’m currently putting together a lead which will allow me to record direct from the transceiver via a headphone splitter. This will also be able to utilise the monitor function on the transceiver so I can record my audio as after processing as well.

Thanks for the info on your recording setup. As I might have mentioned I have a Garmin Virb Elite which I will try instead of the phone next time I’m out, and hopefully with the KX3 it will allow me to mix and match the audio direct with background audio.

Regards, Mark. M0NOM