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Video: OE/NO-113 1st Activation

Good Morning!

Here you’ll find my video of the
1st Activation of Gföhlberg, 885m, OE/NO-113 at 07.08.2012.

Together with Max, OE3MHU we worked 2 hours on the summit with
HB-1B QRP 5W for cw, FT-817 QRP 5W for ssb and one linked dipole - invV.
The result: 75 QSOs on 40m cw/ssb, 30m cw, 20m cw/ssb.

Thanks to all - have fun - comments welcome!
cu on the next summit
73 de Chris, OE3CHC

P.S.: the music should be free - so I hope it works also in DL - hi.

In reply to OE3CHC:
Chris !
Once again great video. Thanks for all QSO during my Briançon Tour: 8/9 summits (25.930 kms).
And 3 summits the day after. WONDERFUL SOTA FEVER ! YEAH ! HI !
I’m preparing album and video.
73 QRO

ps: tnx fer APRS msg.

Thanks for the video.It’s always a pleasure to see how the activators working.