Video - G/LD-001. Short taste of my activation

Just a very quick overview of my activation on Friday 15th August.

73, Colin

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Nice video Colin, it’s about time I repeated that summit. It’s not one of my favourites but as I don’t like the long drive around to Wasdale, it gives me an excuse to start from Langdale & take in one of my favourites - Bowfell, oh and then a pint of Yates’ bitter in the Olde Dungeon Ghyll :wink:

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Very nice Colin.
Was that shot with the Mobius?
FYI firmware 2.1 now does native timelapse video.


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Hi Steve,

If I’m thinking of the right place, I seen to recall waking from that pub up a hill to an expanse of water by the name of Stickle Tarn. I was a young teenager and I remember that along with my step brother, 2 years’ my senior, we were warned to take it steady as the walk would be very tough. We got to the top as fresh as daisies and couldn’t understand what the fuss was about! Oh to have them kind of energy levels again!

You’re spot on about the drive - I also avoid this summit for the same reasons! I just suddenly had the urge to do England’s highest again and the ten points were healthy for my activator score. I really really want to get to MG status now, I’ve been doing SOTA for over ten years! My target is MG by March 15th 2015, but I’m already well behind schedule due to the awful weather we had in the first few months of the year. I’m at 727 points at the moment.

73, Colin

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Thanks for the info Pete!

Yes, all shot with the Möbius. I have a digital voice recorder for audio but I need to implement an input attenuator as it’s over driven from radio output, even on lowest gain setting. The AGC on the recorder is a bit slow.

I love the colour on your videos, I wonder what settings you use? I’m still in the experimental phase at the moment. I’m going to invest in a ‘selfie stick’ next.

73, Colin

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There’s a voice recorder option now on the Mobius too.
I think I use the “warm” video setting most of the time.
I’ll check later.
Two hour sleep over; off to work now :frowning: