Video F/PO-244

You can find the video on - YouTube
I’ve record our QSO. Do you want to hear It in a MP3 file ?
Let me know via email, I’ll send It to you.
Best 73
Andre - f5ukl

In reply to F5UKL:

Well done Andre. Nice video but who was that young man speaking in the middle :slight_smile:
Hopefully you will be activating those higher hills around F/PO-244 in the good weather.
Please send the mp3 file to caseman(AT)
Many thanks
Best 73’s

In reply to G4CMQ:
Hello David
Thanks a lot for your reply and comment.
Yes I’m waiting to activate another SOTA but It was snowing yesterday.
I’ll send you the record to your email address.

All my best 73 to you and family and see you soon.

@ndre - f5ukl