Video EA2/NV-029 Izaga by EA2BSB & EA2BD

Dear Friends,

I dont usually record videos when activating from a summit, but this time EA2BSB Santi and myself took our cameras and recorded when activating from Itzaga EA2/NV-029 last December the 1st. A pity our cameras don’t have anti shacking systems…

The day was brilliant; we enjoyed the walk with the first winter snow and the clear views from the summit.

Hope you’ll enjoy the trail as if you were with us and you’ll see the way we use to activate together.
You can take this as a Christmas present too! Hopefully we’ll do some more activation during Christmas.

Best 73 and see you soon,
Ignacio EA2BD

In reply to EA2BD:
Fantastic video, great to see the hills with their covering of snow on such a lovely day.


In reply to 2W0GDA:

Hi Gerald, glad you enjoyed it!
Merry Xmas and Happy new year. 73

In reply to EA2BD:
Estupendo video Santi e Iñaki.
El manipulador de madera…fenomenal!!!
Felices Fiestas y muchos SOTA en el 2013!!!

Lovely video Santi and Ignacio.
Home made wood keyer is fantastic!!!
Merry Xmas and a lot of SOTA’s for the 2013!!!

In reply to EA4MZ:

Hi Moises,

thanks a lot for your wishes. The same to you and your family.
If you want to see a close up view of the keyer just see the picture here:


I think it’s self explanatory. Lightweight for my rucksack. I’ve been active with that all along the summer without a failure!
Best 73

Hola Moises,
muchas gracias por tus palabras. Puedes ver una foto de detalle de mi keyer en el enlace de Flickr de arriba. Creo que se ve como está hecho con suficiente detalle… muelle de boli reciclado, aluminio de bocadillo… y un poco de ilusion!

Que pases muy buena Navidad, un abrazo a ti y los tuyos 73
Ignacio EA2BD

In reply to EA2BD:

Hola Ignacio, fantastico el video que nos muestra, a lo mas estilo salvaje,
muchas felicidades los dos, a ver si en alguna coincidimos de SUMMIT SUMMIT

Muchas Sotas os deseo