VIDEO: DM1DF and OE5JFE on the Kalmberg ridge

Hello everyone,

Last year I met Daniel @DM1DF at the Ham Radio Friedrichshafen and we had a great chat on SOTA, hiking and contesting from mountaintops.
We agreed that in case he is visiting OE5 Upper Austria to do a joint activation. So last weekend the timing and weather was perfect so we met in the town Bad Ischl and continues just some kilometre on to Bad Goisern. Both in the lovely Salzkammergut region of Austria.

The plan was to do a dual activator - dual summit activity on Niederer Kalmberg OE/OO-026 and Hoher Kalmberg OE/OO-025.
The hike up was via the Tiefe Scharte trail and then following the ridge to both summits. At the end of the ridge the Goiserer Hütte - mountain cabin was waiting with refreshments for us.

It was great fun and lot’s of hamradio and mountain talk we had during our hike.

I hope you enjoy! I know we did :smiley:

See the video:

And some pictures:

Starting the hike

One the ridge

Activation on OE/OO-026

and OE/OO-025

Enjoying cake and refreshments at the hut

73 Joe


Very nice video and activation looks good. What’s super light-weight antenna - norcal doublet UTP CAT.5 cord?

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Yes a kind of doublet antenna but made with a specific cable.
Needs a tuner to work on multiple bands.

I think Daniel will need to give the exact details.

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It would be nice :grin:

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@SQ9APD the antenna is called twisted hille. Nichtresonanter Dipol nach Hille - dg4sfss Webseite!
Its a very lightweigt cable witch is used. For higher mountains this is a good combination with the KX2 and a light mast about 6 or 7 meters.

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Thank You Daniel. I have got a Norcal Doublet of LAN cable CAT.5E (one pair only) with ATU ZM-2 and 6 meters light pole.

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Thanks guys, great video. :+1:

Geoff vk3sq

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Thanks a lot Geoff. It was good fun. 73 Joe

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Hallo Joe, Hallo Daniel,
vielen Dank mal wieder für die schönen Bilder aus dem Gebirge und Dank für die Teilhabe.
Bis zum nächsten Mal beste 73 und awdh