Video: Cam Chreag CS-058

I tried to upload this to YouTube and couldn’t. In fact Google let me create an account and then promptly disabled it for no good reason. So after trying to figure out how I’d offended the Oompah-loompahs who work in the amazing Chocolate Factory that is Google I gave up and uploaded the AVI file to my webserver.

A simple bit of video taken from the summit of Cam Chreag just after I finished my activation. It’s nothing more than a simple 360 view of the fabulous vista from the summit. If I had a haze filter I think the picture would be better. I must find out how to record higher resolution video too rather than standard which is a bit naff.


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Great view !
I miss the tree-less views in Scotland. Here in the Adirondacks of NY State, you can climb a hill and sometimes the only view you have is the pine trees 5’ in front of your face.


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For some reason before SOTA I always thought of the UK as fairly level…but you are swimming in SOTA summits…I am jealous!


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I wouldn’t be surprised if there were over 250points worth of SOTA summits in that sweep!

There are some very flats bits in the UK, the South East & East of England around Lincolnshire and Norfolk are flat. The far North East of Scotland around Wick, John O’Groats is also flat compared to the rest of Scotland.