Video Activation report - VK1/AC-034

As anyone who knows me, would know I can talk till my face falls off… I find making a video of the activation easier than writing it…

In summary: most number of summit contacts ever, 3 s2s as well as got 2 hikers bang on 400km on 5w both ways. Hot day 28deg C

Video report

Thanks Wade for the movie you did not show any radio talking stuff.
I had a listen for you but I could not hear much on 40m when you were there.
Maybe next time when you get your link dipole,they work very well usually.
Hope to make a S2S this coming activating season for 2017 which starts for me about April until November . Regards from
Ian vk5cz …

Thanks Ian, thanks for the feedback - you are correct… I didn’t record any of the talky talky. I just forget as I might put out 20 CQs before getting a bite and other times they come thick and fast… I was on another summit today, as I was reading the email notification about your comment a SNAKE slithered past!!!

Stand by for a shorter (and hotter) video from today - VK1/AC-048


Well they live out there all the time you know. We have one in the garden here and our dog has tried to catch it a couple times lucky it has not bitten him on the snout the D H .
I use a Go Pro for video on a stick, that way I can run commentary on the way up and down plus stick it in a bush to film my activation then edit it all once i get home. Took a while to learn how to do all that stuff not being a techno weeny but managed to get some movie on the SOTA FB page.
Ian vk5cz …

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