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Well done Tom! Brilliant to see that SOTA portables are now really competitive in this event.



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Having missed the first few UKAC’s of this year I find myself able to participate in tonight’s 50MHz contest. After a reasonable start last year I only managed to compete up until May or June due to work & the demoralising effect of extremely high electrical qrm on 6m.

The new 10 Watt section looks perfect for SOTA especially as the 50MHz backpackers contests are set to run alongside the UKAC during the summer months. This has me a little peeved as I would have liked the option of doing both but ho hum.
Having put the outdoor dipole up for the first time this year I am amazed to find less noise on that, than on my indoor dipole which is positioned for minimum noise. Maybe I can enter the normal 100 Watt section this year, rather than the 400 Watt multi antenna section I have had to enter in previous years due to needing more than one antenna to defeat the qrm.

Somehow I doubt it will last so once more I will be up against the “Big Boys”.

Good luck all those taking part in any of the UKAC’s or backpackers contests & good luck to those on 50MHz tonight.

Best 73,

Mark G0VOF

PS Sorry for any spelling mistakes I typed this in a hurry :wink:

Guess who got tied up and forgot again?

Same person who was watching something on eBay and got distracted 10 minutes before it ended and then missed it by 30 seconds.

Same guy who missed the whole F1 GP season because he kept forgetting.

Oh well off to bed, work in the morning. Hope you guys had fun.

Steve GW7AAV