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VHF FT8 tonight

I’ll be QRV on 2m FT8 and 6m FT8 from The Cloud this evening. I’ve not seen any alert from Stuart @G1ZAR but it wouldn’t surprise me if he is QRV from a summit too.

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No S2S as it turned out, and only one that I recognised as an active SOTA chaser - thanks Stewart @G0LGS.

Not a bad night though. 39 QSOs:

6m FT8 - 13 QSOs
6m FT4 - 2 QSOs
2m FT8 - 24 QSOs


Pity I couldn’t add W to that. I did note a spot from Tom @N2YTF saying that I’d been received in the US according to PSKreporter.


I decoded you several times, but you were in QSOs at the time.

I was active on 2m FT8 from about 2130 to 2230 local time! I ended up with 17 QSOs Tom

Must admit, it was nice to contest with the volume down on the radio, meant I could watch the iPlayer in the background.

Will certainly try and make it on for the next MGM 2m contest, albeit from the comfort of the shack


Matt G8XYJ

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29th December is the next and final session for the MGMACs this year.

Didn’t do radio last night as a change in personal circumstances means I have to limit my radio outings and had already been out Sunday.
That, and I was collecting a dish for QO-100 (which later turned into two dishes, 1 for home and 1 portable).


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Misquoted or I mis posted----It should have been that I saw you reported on pskreporter and I was calling just in case the band opened to the states…you never know, someone has to be first to find the opening!

I think I checked on pskreporter to confirm you were on because I saw an alert but no spot.

It looked like you were getting out pretty well and I am so jealous you have so much 6m and 2m FT8/4 in your neck of the woods! What power/antenna were you running on 6m?

FYI I can operate the home shack on FT8/WSJT modes remotely from 160m-6m and will try any SOTA station I even have a minuscule chance of working…I just need a little heads up or best a spot on sotawatch as typically I can’t sit and just watch the band. I am ready basically all waking hours to take a few min to make a contact and really love my SOTA FT8 contacts as in my high noise QTH its my best chance at working QRP stations. Unfortunately if there is no spot on sotawatch I have to use pskreporter to check say the last 15 min for an activator and that website is now unreliable on my smart phone…

I wonder if the meteor scatter mode could have had a chance to W…

Tom, N2YTF

All noted Tom. My excitement that a skimmer had heard me in the USA is now well and truly extinguished!

As it was a contest event, it would have been “bad form” to post a self-spot - hence why I didn’t.

I was running 5 watts from the FT-817 on both bands - 2m and 6m.