VHF activations on I/CA-174 and I/SI-159?

We’ll be in Italy in September and I’ll have a chance (maybe) to activate Monte Salaro (I/CA-174) on Capri and Monte Erice (I/SI-159) in Sicily. Each one has a single activation on HF. We’ll be passing through those spots on our trip.

Are there any operators nearby to talk to on VHF or UHF or would that just be a waste of time?


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Hi Walter,

It’s been a very long time since I last visited Capri so your upcoming trip sounds very interesting as I am itching to tour the Amalfi coastline on a Vespa!

Fyi, over the last year I have been to Italy twice and have activated 8 SOTA summits in the I/LZ (Lazio) region. I always found VHF / UHF very quiet so didn’t rely on it and instead activated on 20m SSB with success. I know there are a few other I/ activators on this reflector so maybe they will comment too.

Good luck and I hope your activations all go to plan.

73, Lea M0XPO

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I think that activating in HF is also a good idea, especially if you plan to do it not on the weekend. Sometimes in zone 1 or 2 you will find enough chasers to complete the activation, but in southern Italy I can’t tell you for sure.
Have a nice trip!
73 Fabio

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Thanks for the info. I won’t be taking HF gear on this trip (packing light), so I won’t try and squeeze in VHF activations on those two summits. Seems like an extremely low chance of success.

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