Very first activation

I am following SOTA activations on youtube for a while and I became increasingly excited about it. After some preparation I was able to do my own activation and despite of the number of contacts (4) it was a huge fun :slight_smile:

I did some photos and short filming. With this few material I collected a short clip on youtube to share with everyone:

Thanks for the setup of SOTA and that so much of the efforts are shared online. I am looking forward for more activations this spring.

Best regards,

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Congratulations on your first SOTA Stefan and wishing you many more.
I have just returned from a local SOTA hill and really enjoy these mini-expeditions.
I hope to work you S2S perhaps one day.

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Hello Ian,
at the beginning its difficult enough to decide for the right setup, especially the antenna. I also like to get there fast. Some day I hope to activate an alpine summit though.

For S2S just a heads up: I will be on SOTA expedition April 27 - April 30 in the Bavarian Forest starting with DM/BM-046 (1384m) on Saturday. Alerts will follow as dates are confirmed.

I hope to work you soon S2S or S2C (does this term exist?).

Thanks and 73s
Stefan DO7KX

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Hi Stefan, I am still learning and constantly refining my set up. There are many technical things to consider when working radio from a summit and there are also many other aspects that need practice for example what do you do when it rains? Or should you take a cooker or a thermos flask? Which route to take and where do you park the car? The experience is one of organisation, doing and learning. For me that is a lot of the fun. Then of course, you need to make the necessary contacts.
Not sure about S2C but will look for you when you are in the Bavarian Forest.

Hello Stefan,

congratulations to your first SOTA-activation. Be warned: Activating is addictive.
Good luck with your Bavarian Forest expedition. I plan to be at my 2nd QTH in JN69MF from April, 27th to May, 1st. This is only 16 km from DM/BM-046 away. Propably I will activate some SOTA-summit on April, 27th in this area so I hope we manage a S2S. As HF, especially 10m and 15m are not really suitable for this short distance, perhaps we can try on 2m? I have seen in the Youtube video you use your Wouxun HT with a rubber duck. Perhaps you can upgrade it with a HB9CV or some mobile whip - this extends your range on 2m drastically.
I was working with a HB9CV from the deleted DM/BM-023 recently and having a chat of some minutes with each OM (located in Donaustauf, Teublitz, Furth im Wald, Oberalteich) I managed the four contacts on 2m FM within 40 minutes.
Be sure to call not only on 145.500 MHz but also 145.375 MHz. This is the calling frequency (OV-Frequenz) of the local DARC OV U03.
Regarding a sked for S2S you can also email directly using db7mm (at) or the address given in

73 de Michael, DB7MM

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Hi Ian, I am currenly in bavarian forest (Arber) and hope to activate 2 mountains the next 2 days. The weather forecast is not good but I hope to find a good time slot to activate an easier peak. Maybe we can S2S.

Best regards from the beautiful Arber area,

73 de Stefan DO7KX