Version for PDA, phones, etc

In reply to M1MAJ,

I’m not yet convinced that the layout is ideal for a "small screen"
such as a Pocket PC (which is what I use when I’m actually activating).

It works fairly well on my phone which has Opera as a browser. The reflector just slips below the spots and alerts giving everything I need on one page.

However, I will be developing spotlite for SW2 shortly which will have a simpler layout for this purpose.

Could we have “non-refreshing” versions of the alerts and spots pages?

Yes, spotlite will not be refreshing. I could also create non-refresh versions of the current pages if that would be helpful. I have put it on the ‘to-do’ list.

Well well, there seem to be a whole load of interesting messages here
which I’ve never seen before! However I don’t see where I subscribe to have these mailed to me.
Have I missed something?

The new reflector is currently a web based only forum. However, I have plans to include an email digest.

Please feel free to join in and post new topics and reply to existing ones!

73, Jon