Short activation from Burnaby mountain. #135 bus from down town will take you into the broad activation zone but is slow going with all the stops. First tried 10 metres then self spotted on 20. 6 cw contacts followed with some familiar calls and just one on 15 metres also familiar W7USA. First NA activation and will attempt something near Kamloops in a few days. Signal reports were far from 599 but was only using the Alex Loop and KX3 with 8 watts.

Thanks to those chasers for a short bit of fun this morning. Cheers Tony VE7/VK3CAT

Well done Tony,

I understand you have to make contacts by degrees there.


Tn x Ron. Lots of degrees here at 49 north with the temp now being 18 at 8:30 am and an expected top of around 30. Add up to another 10 for inland into the Rocky Mountains.Interesting to view the propagation yesterday, Grids worked EM29, DM03, CM98, FM05, DN13 & DM33.
In AK, very little heard possibly due to the CME. Did have an incomplete CW contact with a W3 and that is all. Following days there was nothing but noise everywhere & I may have been inside an auroral belt, not that we could see anything as it never reallh got dark at 63 degrees north.
Kamloops tomorrow afthernoon and may try to activate ve7/tn-022? Cheers Tony