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VE6/RA-014 Prairie Mountain

So today I did my 2nd CW activation and on VE6/RA-014 and it was a huge success, I stuck to 40m cause I was unsure of doing a 20m pile up :grin:, I just want to say a huge thank you to the chasers you guy’s make it so much less stressful with your patience.

The hike up was a butt kicker 3087 feet of vertical gain in 2.3 miles but the view was absolutely worth it.

We had winter weather roll in over the Rockies to the West and to the East it stayed clear for a couple more hours before the snow started falling, I manged to get activated and down before the storms hit but it definitely was a eye opener that winter is on our doorstep here In Canada.

73 De VE6JTW, Jesse


Hi Jesse!
What a beautiful view!
I heard your sig (559 w/ QSB) on Japan.
I did call couple times but,.
I look forward to next time:‑)
CU 73,


@JG0AWE I heard you !! But the QSB and QRM I had I got the 0A and everything else faded to nothing everytime you repeated same thing fade in on 0A and dropped out, I apologize and hopefully next time I get you!!

73 De VE6JTW


Good work again, Jesse! Nice signal down here in California.
Great photos!

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Thanks John! A Pleasure getting you in the log again. I have a new goal set for myself 1st CW Goat in VE6 Land :wink:

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Good idea, Jesse! Not too many SOTA VE6s on CW. I checked my log and have 174 VE6 total SOTA QSOs and only 18 of them are on CW.
John, K6YK

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Currently Richard VE6LCE and myself are the only 2 active CW ops for Sota here tge other 2 gentlemen have been inactive for a year or more.

Congratulations Jesse,
Your signal was very good from my VE2 summit.
Continue your good work with cw.

See you soon on the air.

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Thanks Eric ! It was great getting you in the log and my first cw s2s.

73 de VE6JTW, Jesse

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