VE6/RA-008 (East) Wasootch Peak 7644ft (4 point

The original plan was to attempt two peaks today, but it took 2.5 hours sitting on the summit of (East) Wasootch Peak (VE6/RA-008, 4 points) to make my 4 QSOs.

If it was not for NS7P (Thanks Phil for the spot) catching me trolling, I might still be there. What was up with 20m and 40m today?

(East) Wasootch Peak 2330m 7644ft requires 1000m (3300ft) of climbing. It is 7 km one-way to the Highest Point.

Images: East Wasootch Peak VE6/RA-008 | Flickr

This ridge walk is very enjoyable once you do the steep first hour, past the first 3 big humps. Nice views even though you are not above the surrounding peaks. Highly recommended.

I did get a wee bitty off route on the down climb which required some 5.6 skills on loose slabs and ledges, Oops.

Name Callsign Me You Time Distance
Phillip NS7P 56 58 1955 987km
Stephen N7RV 52 57 2010 666km
WILLIAM W5QC 33 56 2011 2477km
Gary W5ODS 33 44 2013 2260km