VE6/BF-007 Folding Mtn Activation

Hi all,

I hope to summit VE6/BF-007 Folding Mountain outside of Hinton AB this coming Saturday with a couple of buddies from work. Despite all the flooding in AB lately, local weather and space weather look promising. I’ll be using my first run MTR with an EFHW. This is my first SOTA activation and I’m still a bit shakey on CW so please QRS and be polite if propagation is good and I end up with a mini pileup! I’ll start on 20M around 19:00UTC and will move to 40M for 15 minutes or so before I QRT in hopes of catching any B.C. or close in stateside chasers.
The trail up is around 8km with 3,000’ of elevation gain, plus we’ll be stopping to log some geocaches on the way up…factor in aging bodies and a wonky knee and activation time is VERY approximate!
Hope to work you from the summit!

**** June 28 20:15UTC****Local weather has changed a bit for the worse and space weather now shows a glancing hit by a CME tomorrow so propagation will be uncertain. Any chasers not busy doing other activities this long Canadian weekend please help me achieve my required 4 QSO’s to make this a successful first activation! The summit attempt is still a go for tomorrow morning!