VE2SOTA Megactivation 2014 event, aug 30 and 31st

The province of Quebec activators will gather this year in the Montreal-Monteregie (ML) area on august 30 and 31st for the third edition of VE2 megactivation.

For the occasion, many ML summits will be activated but summits from other VE2 areas will also be on the air.


  1. Any chaser who makes contacts with all the ML area summits activated during the weekend will receive the brand new “Le chasseur québécois” award, which is available in HF edition and VHF edition. We’ll try to send paper certificates instead of sending those by email but this will rely on $$ considerations.

  2. There is a surprise for the VHF freaks, something that will ease VHF contacts between summits, rumours of something which will be ON the air and IN the sky at the same time.

  3. VA2SG and VA2OTA activations on the weekend will be made using the LNR Precision FX4 new QRP rig. Those who would like to get an idea of how the rig sounds, point your beams in Montreal direction.

We hope the WX will be fine and to hear many of you. Please, call all of us!