On the 18/09/10 I called and worked a VE2CQ/p on VE2/QC002 or at least I thought so,we exchanged reports and he was spotted at the time.
I was not able to upload my contact on the Sota site as VE2 is not yet listed.
I have checked his log and I am not listed so did I possibly work a pirate??
Did any other chaser work him as there are no G calls in his log?
73 Don G0RQL.


I have checked, and VE2 is listed, and the functionality to log a chaser contact with an activator on VE2/QC-002 is all there.

VE2CQ/P certainly did activate that hill on that day. It is strange that you do not appear in his log. Of course, you don’t need to appear in the activator’s log for your to claim the chaser contact (some activators do not enter their entire log on here), but it may be wise to contact VE2CQ and check the circumstances.

I have had chasers claim a contact with me when no contact took place. This is in the rare instance that two stations call simultaneously, I call one back, and both stations come back with the report. The result is two stations that believe they have worked me when I have only worked one of them. Maybe a possibility, or maybe not.


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Hi all

In fact, VE2CQ is the Quebec city club call. But Francois VA2RC probably have the log.

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Hi Tom,

I appreciate the brevity of many CW QSOs but myself wouldn’t feel comfortable logging a contact unless I’d heard the other station use my call sign at least once.

73 Rick

In reply, I have e-mailed the club in Canada yesterday but no reply as yet.
I always confirm call signs and and reports to ensure my call comes back at least once and if I am not sure of a report I always ask for a repeat.The reports were 44 and 55 so good enough to reconise a good contact,as you say Tom they don’t have to log all but it makes it easier to check now we don’t have our little stars.
Must be the old eyes going now you are correct Tom VE2 is there,why did I expect it to follow VE1,I know C comes before N but my thinking was both Canada.Don G0RQL.

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I would be way faster to email to Francois VA2RC. Email at QRZ I think.


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Tnx Jean-Pierre, Don.

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Hi Don, I saw VE2CQ/P spotted so had a listen on the spotted freq. There was splatter from another station less than 1khz away. When I tuned in the other station was VE6CQ who was a good 5/7 here. May be just a coincidence?

from clx :-
9K2GS 14200.0 VE6CQ LOUD 1646 18 Sep Canada
PD1K 14185.0 VE6CQ Nice contact Rick 1555 18 Sep Canada