VE2 Sota get together / High Altitude Balloon repeater

VE2 sota activators and chasers are gathering in the Montreal area this weekend for the third annual VE2-mega-sota weekend.
Some activations will occur on Aug 29th with most likely to occur on Saturday the 30th. Some activations extending into Monday.

A very active High Altitude Ballooning group from the area will be launching a cross-band repeater that will be available to SOTA participants. The radio-horizon is expected to be about 500kms from the predicted 30,000 meter altitude.

cross-band Repeater input: 445.525 T 103.5
cross-band Repeater output: 145.560

Flight should be from 11am (1500UTC) to 1pm (1700UTC). The balloon can be tracked on APRS. I believe they usually use VE2WMG-11 .

More info on the HAB group and the flight: (site mostly in French)