VE2/SG-006 report

Why not combine outdoor activities you like with a SOTA operation?

Yesterday, I activated Mont Victor-Tremblay, in a winter multiactivities challenge I gave myself.

I finally started hiking at 1445UTC at least 1h30 late on schedule as this outing changed for a family outing, meaning gtting stuff for kids ready etc…

Took about 2h15 to get to activation point. Weather was around min 4 C, but min 6 at summit, as its always the case on Victor-Tremblay, colder on summit.

At 1700UTC quickly setup my station. Began CQing on 20 and quickly have one station on log. And then, have no takers, event not heard by some other stations CQing on band, Tought something was wrong with my rig as the led display was dimming everytime I sent signals. Opened the rig to change batteries (I brought a pack of fresh ones) to find out one of the AA batteries had blown in my rig. Gently removed the cells, cleaned as well as I could despite having nothing to do this, installed fresh batteries and back on the air.

MAnged to get 2 stations on the air but I had difficult time getting takers. As wind was getting harsh, and being tired after the 2h15 hike with the gear on my back, including my snowboard, found a 4th station somewhere and decided to call it quit.

Around 1830UTC, I get on my snowboard and ride to the bottom of VE2/SG-006 by one of the Valinouet ski resort trail.

Wow! I really enjoyed this kind of extreme ham radio adventure. Hope next time I’ll be able to get earlier on summit to give Eu the points…

My souvenir video is here: - YouTube

73 happy new year and CUL!


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Nice video. I especially enjoyed the snowboarding descent. SOTA is (and always was) about combining activities that we enjoy!

73 es HNY


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GREAT video JP! Looks like you had a “FUN” day! What’s next…??? Snowboard Mobile??? I was listening for you but no luck. Hope to work you from a summit in the future!

73 Mike VA6FUN

Sorry to have missed the party OB. You appear quite at home in the snow… See you next time.

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Nice one JP. I will soon also be doing Snowboard activation from Mammoth Mtn. What a great way to combine hobby and sport. Looks like you had nice conditions too! Well done.

de KI6NN

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Thanks all for your comments. And John, GL with your SNOWTA!
We finally got good snowfalls since beginning of dec. The Valinouet ski resort is the last one in the province with no artificial snow, only natural snow.
I am always checking for NA activations as well. So, will call you if I do copy on the vertical. If you can make a video, its a good way to share the SOTA word to others…

73 HNY John

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Nice video J.P… looks like you had fun!

The map in your video shows that you operated from the ‘point de vue’ at the top of the ski trails near the chairlift station, at about 795m? The summit is 828m and is roughly 1.5km further back from the ski trails, there is a col between the ski trails and the summit… was the summit (828m at 48°38’6.77" N 70°52’22.18" W) not accessible? I am interested because I have the same situation at Mont Ste. Marie. I think I may be able to snow shoe from the chairlift station to the summit through a col but it’s not on an official snow show trail and might be a challenge.

Well done on the field repair! It must be difficult to do that in the field. It’s a pity the bands were not cooperating and it was so difficult to make those contacts, but congratulations on making the four contacts required for the activation. I was out shopping on that day or I would have tried for a contact.

Well done!

  • Martin.