VE2/QC-031 and 159

Last monday i was up on Mount Caribou VE2/QC-031.
Never been activated… such a nice place ! actually very beautiful.
Anyone coming to Quebec for a visit put this one on your list.

Later on in the day i moved to VE2/QC-159 montagne a Simoneau.
Many contacts were made and a warm thank you to the Europpean chasers for staying up late for the chase !

All the details here on my blog:

73 :sunglasses:


Looking good Eric


Great to see photos from your SOTA summit Eric, and even better to get a QRP QSO with you from England!

I’d gone up Brant Fell to finishing cutting a new 10/12/15/17m quadband dipole. Afterwards I put up the SOTABeams Quadbander had a ragchew on 80m for a while before re-linking to 20m when I saw your spot I thought I’d have a listen and was really surprised to complete the QSO, especially as I had forgotten the power-splitter cable so was unable to use the MiniPA50 amplifier with the MCHF - so I was putting out no more than 10 watts.

I know band conditions are generally pretty terrible but it just goes to show that even now it is possible to get a 1st in the log, SOTA chase of a transatlantic activator!

Looks like from your logs you mistook my initial ‘M’ for an ‘N’ - maybe you couldn’t believe you were being chased transatlantic QRP?

  1. Mark. M0NOM

Thanks for the comments fellas !

Mark,i’m very sorry i’ll have to correct and re-submitt my log. Good thig you pointed that out.
But i really did copy and log your call sign correctly when we made contact. It is when i transcribed the data into the Saisie Sota sofware that the error occured.

Indeed i was quite surprised also hearing QRP from across the pond !
This really shows that there is still possibility for DX even though we are at the bottom of the cycle.

I was running 45 watts from an FT-857d into and end-fed sloper antenna.


Hi Eric,

That’s great thanks, it was a special moment for me - much like when I get George N1GB respond to an activation - I’ve been doing more chasing when I can at lunchtime with my portable setup and at times recently the band conditions have meant no chance of a contact for a UK SOTA activator, for example, on 80m as the band has been completely devoid of any activity.

If you don’t use Fast Log Entry I can highly recommend it for SOTA logging and it makes it trivial to make corrections.

We have spoken once before: 2018-02-04 16:15:00 UTC on my activation of Claife Heights G/LD-053 but I don’t think that was S2S, I didn’t record it as such, but again a few transatlantic contacts in the log.

73’s, and looking forward to that S2S!

Regards, Mark. M0NOM

Log corrected in the Sota database Mark .:+1:

I’ve got Fast log entry on the computer but i need to study it some more and find a tutorial as i find it somewhat less intuitive to use as Saisie Sota.

VA2MO. :grinning: