VE2/ML-001 St-Bruno today

Hello, the snow has finally melted and warmer days of spring have arrived.
Time to get out of hibernation and climb up my first Sota of 2017. An easy one to start off !

Mount St-Bruno 200m for a whopping 1 point ! :laughing:
This summit is the second nearest to my home.

Read all about it here in my blog wich is bilingual (english and french):
VA2MO, Sota in VE2 land

Photo album here:
(2017-04-23 VE2/ML-001 St-Bruno 200m | Flickr)

VA2MO :sunglasses:


Nice write-up Eric, thanks. I have you in the log at 19:33 for the qso we had while I was on a summit. Sorry I missed you for a S2S. You must have got in your home shack right after your activation.

Hello Kevin,yes indeed i had just re-entered the shack at home when i saw your spot on Sotawatch and heard you calling.
After about an hour on ny Sota operating at 14342 i searched around for S2S,s but couldn’t hear any,conditions on my side were pretty bad.
One of these days i will have do resign an spend a few $$ for a cell phone connection so i can self-spot and see other activations coming !