VE2/ES-047 activation by VA2MO

Spring hasn’t sprung yet but yesterday was the perfect day to start my 2019 activation season.

Read about it here on my blog:


Wonderful photos, Eric. Great activation and despite currently fashionable views that there is no propagation, you’ve confirmed that indeed there is enough if you just try it.

By the way, as a student of French, I really appreciate your bilingual blog.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

Hello Andrew,thank you !
I have readers in both languages,this being the reason i post in both French and English.

I think i have made more contacts at the bottom of the cycle than in better times… :grin:
of course no incredible DX but it will come. I haven’t worked Oceania / Asia in quite some time now and i’d really like to achieve an S2S with fellow activators from down under some day !

Cheers my friend. :wink:

Hi Eric,

I do not have any S2S with Canada so I am equally keen to make a contact. It seems the 2100-0000 time period works well from here. When I next activate at that time I will aim to alert well in advance.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

By the time I seen your spot I was starting my descend. Always like talking to the VE2 land.

Andrew VK1DA,
I have numerous contacts into that region (NZ and Hawaii) from the summits so maybe some day.


Very nice, Eric! Thank you for the S2S, your signal was good into Southern Arizona.
73 de Keith KR7RK

Hi Malen,
i’ve seen your spot on Sotawatch but indeed it was a little late.


Keith, your signal was equally good here in Qc. I was running 50 watts as i do most of the time.


I heard you clearly in Minnesota, but didn’t have a mic with me.
Peter KD0YOB

Doh… :grin: