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VE2/ES-008 activation report

Today was a perfect day to get out of hibernation and go on a Sota !
This was a very…very easy one… you don’t want to climb Everest on the first day !! :rofl:

A superb sunny day and very good band conditions on 20m, 6 europpean qso’s is rather rare for me on a single activation.

Read about it here on my blog:

By the way i appoligize to those who wich i gave the wrong reference over the air, ES-018 instead of ES-008.
But the alert and the spots on Sotawatch were correct.


Bravo Eric. And thanks for providing us with good pictures and video as usual …
Happy 2018 activation season !
73 de Pierre VE2PID

Nice picture Eric.
It was good talking to you late this afternoon from VE6/HC-232.