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Vague spotting. Why?


Never the less, the point remains that you need to factor in the possibility of overlap time. Some of us (including me) type with two fingers!


I understand that, Brian, but this would have never happenned if all of us would be using the SOTAwatch spotting facility just to inform about current activations, callsign, summit ref, frequency and mode instead of using it as a parallel communication channel between activator and chasers and viceversa.

Guru (at home today after a visit to the dentist)


Nicely observed Brian, I was wondering how long it would take for someone to say this. It’s not just the typing and fumbling, there is some latency in spot updates. Amazing it all works so well world wide.



Just for reference, Australia is about 350mS away from my home internet connection. It’s about 335mS away from my servers in well connected European datacentres and about 190mS away from the Pacific North West of the USA. Having seen what data gets sent and received when a spot is made, the total transit time is probably under a second plus the time it takes SOTAwatch to respond. Latency in the software, networks etc. is not be an issue.

Links in and out of China are likely to be a bit slower due to packets having to cross the Great FIrewall of China.


What is the latancy from my smart phone to my ISP across a data limited 3G connection before all the server stuff happens? I reckon it would be the main part of it.


Hi Andy,
Many of us use other platforms such as SOTA Spotter because it is easier to use with a cell phone on a summit than SOTA Watch :grinning:

The delay from hitting "send’ to receiving a “sent” acknowledgment seems like at least a second and then for the spots display to update even when nudged is at least that long. It is variable but never shorter than 2 seconds roughly, sometimes it is a minute.

Are we using our time wisely caning someone for being a few seconds late in their spotting? I’ve never been that punctual commencing an activation::rofl: