Vachères F/AM-615 07/03/21

Hi all,

First of all, situate the context of this activation :
Recently released, XYL and I, from 3 weeks of battling the Corona virus, I opted for an easily accessible summit, given our state of fatigue.

F/AM-615 was chosen for its possibility of being accessible with a vehicle and a distance of 200m to cover on foot to take in addition to my radio equipment a camping table and chairs. AZ is quite wide on this fairly flat top.

The village of Vachères behind a lavender field, cloudy weather and a small wind 13°C.

After a quick installation this is where the problems start.

I start on 60m and I hear Gérald @F6HBI/P in F/AM-440 very loud 599+, he gives me a report of 559 … :roll_eyes: No VHF or DMR TG973 but fortunately 5G coverage.
I hear a lot of stations calling me but they don’t receive me…?

Time to go on 40m but the same problem, I RX quite well but difficult to work anyone :anguished: QSY to 20m and yesss the thing started :+1: Worked 5 chasers in 5 minutes including @K4DY Leslie in NC.

I use an EFHW antenna 10m to 40m with a coil for the 40m and a link for the 60m!
I think I must have a bad contact on the coil as shown by the reports on RBN !

Back to 40m to work all EA2 Pamplona Gang :joy:
Sorry to the chaser asked me 2 times to return on 60m…

FAM615 Log

Have you seen that? every time I’m on a summit there’s a little fox following me :rofl:

PS: I called Roger @F5LKW because I couldn’t remember using the power menu on the FT-817nd! I was at reduced power from the start … :flushed:
Better to check all my gear and my brain before to go out again !
Sorry Roger we can’t make the QSO was my fault :frowning:

73, Eric F5JKK


Hello Eric! Not a whisper in 60 yesterday…and in the other bands the propagation did not allow the qso. Can you give me some info on your EFHW with 60 meters link? Thank you!
73 Fabio

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Hi Fabio,
A pity you was 599+ on 60m :anguished:
Will send you about my EFHW with 60m link description.
73 Éric

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This reminds to add a 60m extension to my trapped 20/30/40 EFHW so I can operate on 60m the next time I come to play in France. I’m hoping that maybe October/November this year if possible.


Hallo Eric

The most important thing of all is: that you have defeated Corona and are back on air at the summit!

73 Armin


Thanks for the report, Eric,
First of all, congratulations to you and your xyl on overcoming the Covid-19.
Thanks for the QSO during your activation and also for the QSO during my activation this morning-afternoon.



Complete d’un jour, Complete pour toujours. HI !
Pas un problème, les montagnes ne bougent pas (un petit peu de temps en temps), il y aura bien d’autres occasions. Et finalement il faut que la chasse ne soit pas trop facile, si non, on y perd goût.
Les CR d’activités sont toujours intéressants à lire.
@ bientôt