VA2SG yesterday SOTA fail

I want to apologize to all those who were looking for me yesterday. At last minute, the SOTA outing changed up to a family outing with my boys and therefore, lots of delays, problems, out of schedule etc…

After carrying the camping gear on 2.5 km uphill trail, ended up at 2pm, exausted. Despite that, I began ascension of VE2/QC-015 but after 1 km on 3 done, at 2h45PM, nothing left in the legs, I felt that keep going uphill in a muddy trail in this windy humid WX was not safe for me. Theres also the fact darkness comes around 6h30 pm. Well, see you next time.

In reply to VA2SG:

If the outcome were certain, then it would not be an adventure.
I will listen for you next time JP.


In reply to VA2SG:

I think everybody will agree that it is much better to retire in good order than to push your luck! QC-015 will be there another day.


Brian G8ADD