URGENT matter!

Activators and chasers: Kindly respect Andy’s notice “Database host having issues”.

Heinz HB9BCB

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Hear, Hear !!

73 de geert pa7zee

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But there could be another problem once its fixed

Can it handle the extra loads on as people find out it back on like and crash it . So ain;t got a lot to up load at moment, Thinks will leave it till next week once things quieten down.


Karl I need to buy you a beer! Your description of a fault condition is exactly what concerns me when we get things going. I have no method of throttling logins. Your plan to wait a few days is probably very wise.

If I say OK, lots of people will rush and it may well fail, people will email me and people will post messages.

I can say OK but if it fails, leave it for 3hrs and try again. People will keep trying and trying and wont leave a few hours.

So there will be issues when it gets sorted. I’m resigned to the fact.

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What about throttling on IP range connections through the DNS which I assume is central to the hosting company ? So that only a certain number of connections are made from each region until the system stabilizes ?

Just thinking aloud.


JD goes down well :scream:

Like said just going to wait till it settles down again
Its not a desperate thing it can wait must remember to date the sotas. when worked them as normally enter of daily basis.

Cheers andy


Only a fool would drink Jack in a crisis :wink:

FYI Andy probably has some defined favorites in that area.


His expertise with malt whisky matches his ability with code!


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Well, I’m sitting here with a fast-evaporating bottle of Laphroaig Quarter Cask, but then again I’m not waiting to login! <settles back even further into the comfy chair…>

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This DB issue is payback for sampling 9 whiskeys (Irish ones) in Dublin airport duty free hall last week. In Edinburgh you have to work hard to get a 2nd tot in the duty free sales area. In Dublin you have to walk away or they keep pouring… what a wonderful place Dublin is.

Yum. I tried Laphroaig that was finished off in Pedro Jiminez sherry casks. Boy oh boy, that was good.

Database stuff: there’ll be a status update later this afternoon.

Dublin’s fair city, where the girls are so pretty…

Especially when seen through the bottom of a glass!


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In vino veritas, in cervesio felicitas…

so very true

Dublin ohhhh

And there’s another one that comes to tip of me tongue


You Folk should drink Mountain Dew

You might as well say Irn Bru or Dandellion & Burdock!

Middleton Very Rare - now there’s a whiskey😎 (Other brands do exist of course)

I drink black tea mostly .

Go easy on the black tea:


“Strain the tea out of the bourbon, discard the tea”

Surely they got that backwards?