Uploading SOTA CSV logs- found the problem

Some of you may remember the problems I was having uploading the CSV logs http://www.sotawatch.org/reflector.php?topic=6344#52159

With a little help from Nick, N3WG, of Hamlog iphone app fame, we discovered the problem. It turns out that the log has to have the times of the QSO in order, from first to last. To do this, simply open the CSV file and use the sort function before uploading.

Nick will be incorporating a fix in the next version of HamLog so that the entries are automatically sorted by time.


In reply to K6TW:
Hi Tim

I sent a reply to your last post.
The time problem is well known, that is why my soft sorts the QSOs in time / date order.

Alain F6ENO

The requirement for QSOs to be in date/time order was also part of the reason I created my SOTA CSV Editor program.


Stewart G0LGS