Uploading chaser QSOs from traveling abroad. . .

I have been searching around the forums for an answer to my question, with no luck, which hopefully means I’m overthinking this.

I’m back from 2 months in Germany (new grandbaby!), and did a bit of chasing as DL/KK0U. Top upload my logs, is it as easy as just putting the DL/KK0U in my callsign cell, and everything is hunky-dory? No other indication of change of QTH from my usual QTH?


Jim KK0U

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Super – thanks!

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And usually in Europe we use /P as addition to the callsign.

Enjoy your activations

73 Joe

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Thanks, Joe. I was chasing, not activating, so didn’t need the /P. :wink:

However, I will be using it on activations now in the US.

73, Jim KK0U