Updates to SOTAWatch3 Part 2


  • A new update was pushed yesterday that added an icon to either the Spots or Alerts tab if filtering is in place, in case you forget that you had enabled VHF-only spots and missed the HF spot you were waiting for. (Hat tip to Andy @G8CPZ for the feature request)



Incredible response Andrew! I wish my firm’s paid IT dept could respond as quickly!

Wow, that was quick! Thank you very much.

73 Andy

I must admit the older system was a tad easier to use with cold fingers on a hill top with
less keystrokes to perform.

Swings and roundabouts though.


The biggest improvement in my view is that SOTAwatch spot/alert is a responsive design and on my phone, hitting spot gives me a web page that fills the phone’s screen estate very well. This is a considerable improvement over what went before where I had to fish about to get the spot fields a suitable size. I hadn’t noticed more keypresses probably because the new display is much more usable by default.

And thanks for adding the links to SOTAmaps and SOTL.as on the summits page:

73 Martin, OE5REO

EDIT: I think the link to SOTAmaps has been there for quite some time, but SOTL.as is new …

Hi Martin,

Actually, it’s a bit more featureful than that - depending on the association, you also get local mapping too: